Cheltenham Holistic Healing has been named a Top 100 Business by Barclays Trading Awards and this is what clients have to say:

A heavenly massage. It left me so deeply relaxed that I wanted to stay on that couch forever’ – Gill Edwards ( Clinical psychologist and best selling author: Living Magically,  Conscious Medicine and many more)

Fantastic thank you! Very professional and thorough – feel a lot more relaxed now’- Nikki Simpson

I’ve been on a couple of courses with  Libby. Very calm, caring and professional – thoroughly recommended’ – David Evans

Totally amazing, I never felt so calm and relaxed. Felt like a whole weight has been lifted off my shoulders! will definitely be having another massage – Kelly Dalimore

The second massage I had felt much more relaxing, I was floating. The next day I felt like I was walking taller. – Jerry Dalimore

Two hour deep-tissue massages are the way forward! – David Beer    

Awesome Thank you !! My arms are longer!! your A star xx – Michaella Cooper 

“I went to Libby to learn how to give a back massage. The session was amazing. Libby’s knowledge and experience were outstanding. I came away feeling really confident about what I had learnt and I am really looking forward to practising what I have learned. I would really recommend this course to anybody who wants to learn” – Lucy Huish 


5 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Theresa Selley says:

    I have suffered with whiplash for the past 6 years… Libby is an amazing therapist, I was having to see a chiropractor every 4-6 weeks, having had treatment from her I managed to go 7 months without seeing my chiro…

  2. Lee Bunker says:

    I attended one of Libby’s back massage courses a while ago. It proved to be very worthwhile and enjoyable, dispelling much of the mystery surrounding this amazing treatment. The massage techniques Libby offers are hidden gems – and the way she teaches is relaxed, knowledgeable, intuitive and helpful.
    – Highly recommended!

  3. suzie vinson-tickle says:

    I had a bad neck for about 30 years and the doctor said it was a trapped nerve .I am a friend of Libby’s mum and she told me to go to her. I went for treatment and the pain went and has never returned.That was about 2 years ago. Keep up the good work Libby.Us old crocks need you. XX Sue V.inson-Tickle.

  4. Julia Ingram says:

    I had my first Oriental Face Massage with Libby yesterday and it certainly won’t be my last. I went in for the healing and came away feeling relieved and unburdened – with a big smile on my face which lasted all day. The bonus for me being that my skin looks better too! Looking forward to the next treatment. Big thanks. Julia

  5. Sam Walker says:

    I have always struggled to relax having a massage before, which is due to trust, but I can say that Libby puts you at ease and whether completing Reiki or Deep Tissue massages, they both are given with incredible forethought and care. I’ve struggled for years with a lower back problem that gets aggravated frequently, so booked some block sessions in with Libby on her advice, I can say in full confidence that my back has never felt better.
    Even when I strained my shoulder recently, Libby found time to squeeze me in urgently and got to the route cause, fixing it far quicker than I could have done so alone or with painkillers. Many thanks – please keep up the great work.

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