In a fast paced world we often forget to pamper ourselves. Life’s demands keep us busy and we find ourselves with no time to invest in our own spiritual, emotional and physical well being. Our relationship to our self is sacred and by nurturing ourselves we become empowered.

Our philosophy at Cheltenham Holistic Healing is to enable individuals to create a sacred space for themselves. We offer you a tranquil space that allows you to focus on your own holistic healing. Through holistic massage and healing we treat the whole body both spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Stresses and strains from everyday life collect and store in the bodies muscles and energy field. Over time these create tension and puts the body in a state of ‘dis’ ‘ease’ which causes physical and emotional imbalances. Therapeutic massage eases the tension stored in muscles and allows any toxins held in the body to be released naturally. This helps you to let go of the stresses being carried and empowers you to move forward in life peacefully. Holistic Healing then works on the energy system in the body, gently clearing any blockages in the energy field and returning the body to a natural harmonious state.

By allowing your self to enter into this sacred healing space, you give yourself the time to truly nurture yourself. By healing ourselves and giving ourselves permission to enhance our relationship with ourselves we empower ourselves. Inside of ourselves there is a light, a candle that burns, sometimes this becomes dim. But when we take the time to cherish our own inner light that light can illuminate everything in the world around you.



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