Libby Foley, Holistic Masseuse and Reiki Practitioner


Libby is a Holistic Massage and Reiki practitioner, what she offers is tailored to the individuals needs. Libby gives you the chance to reacquaint yourself with the feelings of pure relaxation and balance in your body, mind and Spirit. Libby does this by listening to the body and it is a privilege for her to share the positive changes that can happen in just a few sessions. She is qualified in Holistic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Oriental Face Massage, Reiki, Anatomy and Physiology and Emergency First Aid. The treatments she provides are designed to be cost effective, enabling clients to live a healthier lifestyle.

Contact libby on 07525477251


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1 Response to Libby Foley, Holistic Masseuse and Reiki Practitioner

  1. Lorraine Mason says:

    I recently enjoyed the most sublime back neck and shoulder massage by Libby, It was wonderful to spend a relaxing hour having the knots released from my shoulders. The pressure was perfect, Libby soon found the areas that were holding my stress and with firm but not painful pressure was able to release it. Libby’s additional intuitive approach to this massage meant I received the most physical and emotional benefits from the treatment. Libby also treated me to a sample of the Oriental holistic facial massage which just finished my massage off to perfection. I was so relaxed afterwards.
    A absolute must to help relieve the stress we carry with us in our daily lives.

    I have re booked with Libby and look forward to my next massage.

    Thanks Lorraine

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